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Taurus ws., Inc
Our Recent Work:
SGS  -  Smart grid switch- it is a patented product. This is last mile connection to  convert a dumb grid to a smart grid.  Remotely controlled by GSM, GPRS, PLC, RF , IR , Bluetooth etc ..it converts  3 phase power in  the existing 3 lines to single phase for 24 hours and converts back to 3 phase power in the same 3 lines for a specified period.   Win win situation for consumer and Distribution Company.  No voltage fluctuation even at tail end.  Maintains total grid discipline.  Provides short circuit protection for distribution. Remote disconnection-  reconnection  without  manual intervention.
Our Other Products Include

•Vacuum Electrostatic filter
•High force/high speed magnetic actuator
•Jig for current conditioning of vacuum interrupter
•Solar peak power track charge controller
•Solar invertor
•Grid interactive inverter
•Inrush current source
•Active power factory controller
•High frequency wound components
•Shock gaurd
•Portable welding set
•Electronic voltage stabilizer